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Vision for the Future: Transforming the Academic Quadrangle

The Revers Center for Science & Visual Arts opened its doors in January 2020 and in the process, vacated various spaces on campus. To better meet the needs of our signature programs, we will renovate all existing Middle School spaces (Prince, Lewis, and Haffenreffer) as well as convert former Upper School science and art spaces (Haynes and Lewis) into new, refurbished, state-of-the-art teaching, learning, and community spaces for our Middle and Upper Schools. When complete we will double the amount of space currently used by our Middle School program and greatly enhance remaining Upper School academic spaces.

FutureMakers will enable Rivers to create a campus that better supports the needs of all of our students and teachers. Our classrooms, laboratories, and studios—both in the Middle and Upper Schools—will be more conducive to 21st-century academic needs, more reflective of our interdisciplinary curriculum, and better suited for collaboration and community building.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be expanding and renovating our original academic quadrangle facilities for future generations of Rivers students.


Timeline of Projects

Summer 2021: Renovate Prince Building and Lower Carlin

Fall 2021: Renovate Lewis Math and Science Center

Spring and Summer 2022: Renovate Upper Haynes, Haffenreffer, and Campus Entrance

Fall 2022: Lower Haynes Renovation  

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