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These FutureMakers—demonstrate the transformative impact our community’s generosity has on our students, our school, and, ultimately, all those we encounter.

Nico '21

As a student who benefited greatly from FutureMakers, I want to thank the donors for making our San Francisco trip possible. 


Traveling to San Francisco revealed the myriad opportunities and careers available in life beyond Rivers. For me, the trip also provided a view into an entrepreneur’s multifaceted day-to-day workflow.  It was interesting to learn that at ArcTouch, rather than having specialized roles (such as back-end programming), most employees assumed other functions on the business front as well. I came away with new insights into the world of startups, and I am grateful to have had this unique hands-on learning opportunity. 

Adrienne '22

The arts at Rivers gives me a chance to express who I am. While I might be portraying a character, I feel my most confident when I am on stage. It’s also a way for me to bond with my cast and become closer with the community. 


Due to COVID restrictions, I have yet to experience all our newly renovated Black Box space can offer. But I already know what a huge difference it will make for the theater program at Rivers. By having an entire green room, we can focus on our show rather than the room. The new technology, such as the sound system and lighting, will improve our productions. The new seating will be so helpful, as actors won’t need to spend time setting up chairs, and it also allows for a great view of the stage. I am excited about the Black Box space because actors and crew can do so much more. It’s going to be a great way to get more people involved in theater at Rivers, even if it is just as an audience member at a production!


John Bower, Head of Middle School

I’m incredibly excited for what’s to come for the Middle School students and faculty thanks to FutureMakers.

I'm most looking forward to the larger, more open classrooms in both Prince and Lewis. Middle school students are active learners and so much of what we do is hands-on and project-based. With more square footage and dedicated areas for exploration and collaboration, these new spaces will serve to ignite our students' creativity and imagination

Our dedicated faculty have always made our program exceptional. But when the next phase of FutureMakers is fully funded it will allow us to push the boundaries of what’s possible for our Middle School curriculum, as was the case with The Revers Center. We’ll have dedicated science labs for each grade, allowing students to go deeper with hands-on learning in the sciences; improved spaces for students to gather, work together, and socialize; and new faculty offices that are more conducive for interdisciplinary collaboration.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has contributed to this campaign so far. It’s clear how much our community believes in our students, our faculty, and our school.

Mason '21

The sculpture studio has been and forever will be a hub for expressing my creative side. There are literally endless avenues to go down in terms of creating a meaningful final product, particularly with the variety of instruments in the studio. I loved the process of learning the ins and outs of the 3D clay printer. I think the concept alone—using technology to produce a creative product—is fascinating, but the process of modeling, preparing, printing, altering, and then glazing the piece is equally engaging. I am grateful for the time I had this year to tinker with and learn about the 3D printer (mostly from Mr. Clark), but I wish I had had more time to enjoy it. I am certain I’ll make use of a 3D clay printer, or the skills I learned from it, into my college years and beyond. 


My experience in the ceramics studio encapsulates my Rivers experience as a whole. With infinite room for creativity, all the materials needed to bring each project to fruition, and endless encouragement from Mr. Clark, I was able to explore, experiment with, and define a new passion. That same set of conditions—being given the support and materials to have meaningful experiences and discover new interests—has been the single most defining aspect of my time at Rivers. The open-mindedness and willingness to experiment that I gained from ceramics, and from Rivers as a whole, will serve me very well in many other aspects of life. 


Mallory '21

The new fields are game changing! We are so unbelievably lucky to compete on them every single day. The location on campus couldn’t be better. It encourages students and faculty to come support our team because of its close proximity. This creates an atmosphere that every student athlete dreams of: Loud and large crowds cheering you on! Turf also allows us to take our games to the next level and at a higher speed.


I have enjoyed every second of my athletic career at Rivers. I have been a part of many successful championship teams with teammates and friendships that will last a lifetime. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without my coaches, teammates, teachers, friends, and family. One of my favorite Rivers memories is from fall 2019, during our field hockey NEPSAC championship game. Students, parents, and teachers lined the sidelines cheering us on the entire 60 minutes. With about five minutes left in the game, the ball was deflected into the air, and I just swung at it in front of the net. And then I heard the roar of the crowd. It went in! Turning around to see all my teachers jumping up and down celebrating with me and my team was very special—something I will never forget.

Jessica '21

Science has always played a huge role in my life. As a Senior, I have taken full advantage of the extensive science opportunities and resources available to me.I was able to arrange my schedule this year to double up on biology and chemistry classes.


Between unique elective options (such as Psychology and Anatomy), college-leveled courses, and extracurricular opportunities (like science internships and MEDClub), through my time here, I have realized that the Science Department works with students to hone their interests in the different science specialties. There is a huge emphasis on hands-on learning, focusing on real world applications of what we learn as opposed to a standard classroom approach. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning in The Revers Center with its well-equipped laboratory and collaborative spaces.


One of my most memorable experiences at Rivers was the opportunity to participate in a summer science internship. Through Rivers’ summer science internship program, I shadowed an orthopedic hand surgeon. As someone who one day aspires to be a surgeon, getting to observe surgeries in the operating room alongside a professional trauma surgeon was truly an unforgettable experience. Through this internship, I also had the opportunity to assist a medical resident with scientific research. This internship opportunity introduced me to a whole new discipline and allowed me to gain insight into the facilitation of science research studies. 

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Adebiyi '21

I’ve had a passion for art since I was young. When I came to Rivers, in seventh grade, I found here the tools and support I needed to pursue that passion. The array of available materials and equipment, and the dedication of the faculty, allowed me to develop as an artist. 


The Revers Center, with its state-of-the-art studios, has only enhanced the visual arts experience at Rivers.The arts faculty at Rivers is outstanding. Ms. Winters pushed me to explore portraiture, and my latest project involved drawing forgotten figures in the fight for Black civil rights. Given the year we’ve had, art has been a coping mechanism for me, as well as a means to express my activism. In ceramics, Mr. Clark also pushed me to talk about these themes and incorporate them into my work. Both teachers have done a great job getting students to think outside their bubbles and see how art can create change or at least start a conversation. Classmates, too, have helped push my ideas and deepen my understanding as an artist.I took 12 art classes during my time at Rivers—twice the required number. 

T Sallie '21

Rivers has given me so many opportunities. I was home-schooled before arriving here in eighth grade. At first, I was a little concerned about transitioning from home-schooling, but it all went smoothly, and I was glad to have the chance to get used to a more structured environment before high school.


I had the chance to premier an original composition of mine with the orchestra. One of my friends commented, “Finally, a piece of classical music I like.” He didn’t know it was mine! I’ve also traveled to Italy and Greece with Rivers. Financial aid helped support that. Next year, I’ll be attending Swarthmore College, where I think I’ll pursue chemistry or music or classics. Engineering and linguistics also sound interesting. 


At Rivers, open-mindedness and collaboration are core values. Rivers is a place where I felt accepted in many aspects of my identity. FutureMakers is helping the next generation of students grow academically and become better members of their community."

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