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Annual Fund

Annual participation in The Rivers Fund is one of the most critical ways all donors can help sustain the excellence of our programs year after year.

Over the course of the school year, every institution faces challenges—and opportunities—that require access to unrestricted, current-use resources. In fact, today nearly 10% of the annual operating budget for Rivers is

underwritten by donations to The Rivers Fund.


The Rivers Fund provides every member of our community with the resources, support, and opportunities they need to learn, explore, challenge themselves, grow, and achieve beyond their expectations—giving them the day-to-day experiences they need to forge the brightest possible futures, for themselves and the world.


We hope you will be inspired by stories of alumni giving.

Jeremy Cohen ’87 and the reasons he donates to The Rivers Fund 

Amanda '07 and Dan '10 Korff make giving a family affair.

The flexibility to address our immediate needs

Every gift is important, both for the dollars raised and for the high

rates of participation that demonstrate how much the community

believes in our mission. Last year, more than 1,880 individuals in

the Rivers community supported our annual giving program with

gifts ranging from $5 to $150,000—and 85% of these donors gave

gifts under $1,000, contributing an impressive $241,364 to the

total raised for the 2019-20 Rivers Fund. Every gift truly counts.

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