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To make a better future, we must ensure that Rivers has a strong financial foundation that will enable us to face the future with confidence, nimbleness, and strength.

We have a collective responsibility to sustain—and grow—what makes Rivers exceptional. Innovative academic programs. Extensive experiential learning opportunities. Meaningful relationships with faculty and coaches. Vibrant extracurricular offerings for every area of interest. Although the majority of Rivers’s operating costs are funded by tuition, 11% of operating costs are covered by philanthropy.

A more robust endowment will enable Rivers to navigate market downturns, take advantage of exciting new opportunities, and continue to provide students with crucial learning opportunities—all while keeping tuition at manageable levels. Donating to our endowment is a way to help sustain the existing programs at Rivers and support Excellence with Humanity in perpetuity.

When you support Rivers’ endowment, you make a sustainable, long-term investment in our mission. Gifts to Rivers’ endowment are invested over time and provide a permanent, ongoing source of income that supports all aspects of Rivers’ mission in perpetuity.

Faculty Support

FutureMakers is focused on endowing our most precious assets—our faculty and our students. Growing our endowment will allow us to attract and retain the very best teachers by strengthening our ability to offer competitive compensation and benefits as well as greater opportunities for professional and personal development. Access to these resources will allow teachers to continue to hone their skills, sustain their love of teaching, and deepen the interactions they have with students.

At Rivers, we have a dedicated and loyal core of teachers, 70% of whom have 10 or more years of teaching experience and 67% of whom hold advanced degrees. Through FutureMakers—with enhanced funding for competitive faculty salaries, benefits, and professional development—we will continue to attract and retain exceptional teachers.

Financial Aid

By increasing our financial aid budget, we can cultivate a talented student community that reflects the world’s diversity, enriching lives as well as the learning experience for everyone on campus. For students receiving financial aid, we are committed to experiential equity; these critical financial aid dollars ensure that all Rivers students have equal opportunities to learn, travel, experiment and collaborate outside the classroom.


Since the beginning of the FutureMakers Campaign, donors like alumnus Al Gordon ’72  have committed more than $7.8M for financial aid endowment and created multiple new endowed funds. Donating to our endowment is a key way to help sustain our programs and support

our community in perpetuity.

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