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This year, our goal is to raise $2.7 million through The Rivers Fund, a goal that we know we can only meet if we have widespread participation by both our alumni and parent community. We are proud to note that more than 90% of Rivers faculty and staff donate to The Rivers Fund themselves, an incredible testament to their commitment to providing our students with the kind of educational experience that will enable them to lead rich, fulfilling lives and become agents of positive change in a world that needs their talents, imagination, intellect, and compassion.

Support the Rivers Fund Today!

Donations to The Rivers Fund have an immediate impact on the experience of current students, as the fund accounts for 7%  of the school’s annual operating budget. All gifts to this annual fund are counted toward the FutureMakers campaign. Gifts given to the campaign through the annual fund support essential academic and extra-curricular programs by providing funds used to:

  • Develop innovative interdisciplinary courses

  • Purchase athletic equipment and uniforms and pay for transportation

  • Cover expenses for theater productions and musical concerts

  • Support the robotics program

  • Create new experiential learning opportunities, such as the Freight Farm and the Sage and Seekers program

  • And so much more….

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