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The Revers Center

for Science and Visual Arts

The Revers Center for Science and Visual arts is the most ambitious capital project in Rivers' history.

Now open as of January, 2020, The Revers Center for Science and Visual Arts enhances our already outstanding programs in science, visual arts, and humanities by providing the best possible facility for teaching and learning while promoting strong interdisciplinary connections. The construction of the Revers Center affirms Rivers’s long history of inspiring creativity, innovation, problem solving, and a passion for lifelong learning and exploration.


The Revers Center has transformed the academic life of Rivers students. The building has created new opportunities for growth in our academic program and will prepare our students for leadership in a world that needs their talents, imagination, intellect, and compassion. The Revers Center added an impressive 34,000 square feet of academic space on campus, which will in turn allow for the reconfiguration of current classrooms and gathering spaces for other Upper School

departments and for the Middle School. 

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